Prairie Machine & Parts Mfg. (PMP), a manufacturer and designer of mining equipment, has acquired PapaBravo Innovations. The acquisition of PapaBravo Innovations will enhance PMP’s product portfolio that PMP presently offers. PMP will continue to build the same mining products that have been the pillar of their business, but the addition of the electric vehicles and drive technology from PapaBravo will enable PMP to better serve their customers and broaden their portfolio of innovative mining solutions.
“The acquisition of PapaBravo just made sense to us for they are an innovative company that designs and manufactures right here in Saskatoon, just like we have done for the past 35 years,” said Murray Popplewell, President of Prairie Machine & Parts. He also stated, “We will continue to build quality mining equipment for that is the cornerstone of our business, and the electric vehicles will be a really nice addition.”
Patric Byrns, the President of PapaBravo and the founder of the company commented that, “I feel there is great synergy between what we have done at PapaBravo and what Prairie Machine has done over the last 30 years. The future is very exciting as we combine these two innovative companies and I look forward to significant future growth through our continued efforts of cutting edge, technological solutions for underground mining. Our combined resources position us to become a significant global influence in improving underground mining safety.”
Prairie Machine & Parts has designed and built mining equipment in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada for over 30 years. Their products have been delivered in Canada, Australia, Africa, England, and the United States. Their business has been built on providing quality mining equipment and parts, which is backed up with quality service. Prairie Machine & Parts Mfg. is known within the mining industry for “building solutions”, due to their ability to design and build any custom application.

PapaBravo Featured on CBC News

David Shields with CBC News Saskatoon was on site and underground providing coverage of PapaBravo.

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PapaBravo’s press release was picked up and has created quite the chatter within the North American mining industry.

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